Out of that World Launches Soon!

The dawn of a new adventure is just on the horizon.

Out of that World will be launching on February 20th, 2017 with its first short fiction review of 17 stories. That’s right, 17 science fiction and fantasy stories collected across worlds and realities, ranging in length from flash fiction to novelettes, all stuffed into one colossal post. I wanted to kick off the site with a bang, so please join me in four days time as I explore¬†this marvelous universe of fiction.

The trip is sure to be both thrilling and perilous as we cut across boundaries, dive in and out of unexplored territory, and make first contact with the Unknown. But rest assured, the discoveries will be worth it and the bounty of information we’ll gather will be shared with all humanity. Now, let’s go read some stories that are truly¬†Out of that World!

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