The Great Disappearing Act

blogfeatherReading and writing are at my core. But they’re not always at my fingertips.

I have not forgotten about this website. Rather, I’ve done nothing but fret thinking how I’ve abandoned it. However, unlike a bird that will no longer visit once I stop feeding it, this website isn’t going anywhere. It will still be here when I have the time to devote to it again.

What’s been keeping me? Work and the stress of a possible promotion, that I may or may not even want; my own writing project, which has, as so many of them do, consumed me for months and months and then fizzled out like a dream forgotten upon waking; family health issues, traveling, and family drama; and now, suddenly, another pet project. It would seem a new bird has appeared at my windowsill, begging to be fed.

My future short story reviews will be leaner and less frequent than before. Until then, I will continue publishing Jess Flarity’s book reviews.



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